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With an extensive range of M Performance Parts, the sporty character of the fourth generation BMW X5 can be emphasised even further.
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Toyota Corolla
Discover the new 2023 Toyota Corolla. Explore the Corolla's available trim levels, exciting powerful performance, interior, and safety features.
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Ford Rapter
The 2023 Ford F-150® Raptor® Truck is the definition of power thanks to a 3.5L EcoBoost® High-Output V6 Engine & 5-Link Rear Suspension with Panhard Rod.
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Over 15 Years of Experience in the Automotive Industry Especially Car Dealership.

About Hyper Race Associates

Driven by belief of global revolution through digital means, We stand out with our efficient and intellectual services for our clients in Media Cooperates , Auto Dealership, Real State and Electrical and Security services.

Our core motive is to bring direction and innovation to every individual’s idea of safety and security whether in broadening business or upgrading lifestyle. We are pledge to make it , a possibility. Your trust in us, is a guaranteed content

What We do

We are Qualified & Professional

We are intended to provide client centric and beneficial outcomes in field of our services with our highly proficient and skilled team of professionals who analyze every aspect of requirements by bilateral discussion with our client to yield out desired results , making your ideas a reality.


Car Dealership

We have the most knowledgeable and professionally trained staff who shares the company’s commitment, we guarantees satisfaction in any model of automobile you aspire to drive. 

BMW 3 Series facelift 2022-5

Corporate Media

We are a distinguished organization, seek to engage more deeply with the audience through pacing propagation of information through modes of mass communication to the general public


Real Estate

We have a team of architects, builders, realtors, and interior designers who are visionary and committed to provide our clients with ambience and dignity in estate living.


Premium Car

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